Workshops are open to all ToorCamp Attendees. Most Workshops are free. Those that are not have a small fee fees to cover material cost to the instructor and will be collect before the class starts. Workshop attendees should meet at their instructors at the Yoga Studio. For last minute registration, show up at the Yoga Studio and we’ll try to fit you in.

<!–Intro to Firemaking
Ian Allison/evade
Wed-Thu-Fri-Sat – 6pm – Free: Participants are encouraged to bring a fixed blade knife. (I'll have loaners available) $5 for materials.

Hands-on JTAG for Fun and Root Shells
Joe FitzPatrick

Rocking the World of Open Source Webapps with
Thu – 3pm – Free: When it comes to innovation, open source is a force of nature, and the web is a universal platform for delivering some killer tech. But centralized, if not proprietary, tech still dominates the web. is going to change things. They have a rock-solid platform to host and administer OS apps that is perfectly accessible for the average user. It has it's own App Market. Lets port some apps, and keep the sweet, entropic internet open, decentralized, and awesome.

Spy Game: Red Teaming in the Real World
Kizz MyAnthia

PCB Prototyping – Silver, Inkjet, Surface Mount Circuits
Martin Bogomolni
Thu – 5PM – Free

Making Electrons Flow: Conductive Ink Circuit Hacking
Martin Bogomolni
Sat – 4PM – Free: Learn about electronics and how electrons flow by drawing circuits with a silver ink conductive pen and modules! With the support of CircuitScribe and their educator kit, we will explore how transistors, resistors, capacitors, potentiometers and other devices work, and make live circuits using nothing more than paper, ink, and their magnetic modules. Everyone at ToorCamp is getting a teaser kit! Come and join in the fun, and expand your electronic horizons. We will also go over how it can be used in a more practical application for circuit prototyping, and even making single and double-sided circuit boards that work — on PAPER.

Take Back Your Email and Bring It Home
Giri Sreenivas and Dirk Sigurdson
Thu – 1pm – Optional Cost: The Internet has gotten away from its roots of decentralized data and services with the rise of service providers like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. This has had disastrous consequences for the privacy and security of individuals. Email is a prime example of this and individuals have found their privacy compromised as victims of various forms of corporate and government surveillance. In this workshop, you will create a fully functioning mail server based on open source software that you can run at home, overcoming typical ISP restrictions blocking SMTP. By leveraging an open source automated deployment and configuration management framework, your Raspberry Pi 3 will have postfix, dovecot, rspamd, openldap, Darwin contacts and calendar server along with other open source components deployed. The default server configuration minimizes attack surface, utilizes secure protocols and widely accepted ciphers, and gets TLS certificates from the Lets Encrypt CA. Your favorite email, calendaring and contacts management apps for desktop/mobile will work seamlessly with this server using IMAP, caldav and carddav. The server will be coupled with a ssh gateway running on a cloud-based service to overcome ISP restrictions on SMTP access. The cost is optional, Pi3 kits will be available for purchase for $65 plus domain registration costs. Attendees are welcome to bring their own pi3 and/or domain.

VR Sharks in Space
Stephanie Mendoza
Thu – 12PM – $10: VR, like the web should be for everyone with the grit to try- I intend to continue running workshops and advocate for the development of webVR by underfunded content creators, by this I mean barrier-less entry to VR through the web and totally accessible by the average citizen, as an open alternative to the closed systems currently being provided by large providers like Steam or Facebook (not that their products are wrong for doing so). Like all new technologies there are skeptics and true believers, spectacular hype and cynicism, but regardless all have conceived their own vision of what a virtual web could look like and what it means for the virtual society at large. I do not believe in failure on the web, because to fail does not equal a quantitative lack of users or profit, but rather to never have existed as an ambition of humanity. To my amusement it is beginning to resemble something like the beginnings of digital 3D in the early 90's and web 1.0. and I am excited to be a catalyst in its evolution!

The Woodgas Workshop
Franklin Hu
Thu-Fri-Sat 9AM – Free: This will be a fairly big project to build and test a wood gas generator. People will be welcome to come and go as the project goes along.

Meditation for Hackers: Breaking Out of Your Mind's Jail
Steven Dee
Fri – 12PM – Donations: How do you get root on your own brain? Evolution, your culture, and your upbringing have put you in a privilege-isolated jail on a system that's running all sorts of useless, annoying malware. In this workshop, you’ll learn some basic mindfulness tools to help you break out of this jail, clean up the malware, and install some helpful daemons and cron jobs instead. This workshop will focus on practice techniques you can bring to your own life. We’ll spend a little time on theory and background, but most of the content will be actual practice. If you’re already familiar with meditation, this will be a mini-retreat. If you’re new to it, just come along and get a taste of what this is about.

Everything you need to know about 3D printing in 75 minutes
chris lopez / machinist
Fri – 4PM – Free: More and more you hear about 3D printing in the news, and from our peers. More and more of us are getting hands on experience with the machines, and the experiences seem to be universally frustrating. 3D printers require extensive domain knowledge in not only the hardware of the machine, but the firmware behind it, as well as dozens of flavors of CAD to create and manipulate printable designs. We'd like to give you a comprehensive overview of our experiences with the machines, how to get printing with as little headache as possible, and how to take your next prints to a higher level. Beyond the printer itself, there's the matter of making shapes for the 3D printer, either through design or scanning. We'll take a tour through a few methods to do such things, including modern computational wizardry of "Photogrammetry" and "LIDAR" By the end of listening to this talk, you'll be better armed to make better 3D prints.

Hacking .NET/C# Applications: Hands on Black Arts
Jon McCoy

Campground Data Hackathon
J Sev Leonard
Sat – 2:30PM – Free: Choose your own camping adventure with the API! Come play with a database of 3,000 Pacific Northwest campgrounds, built on data from Federal, state, and local sources. Build an app, help debug duplicates, meet other folks interested in data hacking. No data hacking experience? No problem. Check out Jupyter notebooks from Sev's (very) recent tutorial at PyCon to learn the basics of data hacking in Python at at and the accompanying Docker repo at – Please check these repos after June 1 for the final versions Sev Leonard is a technologist, outdoorsman, creator, and former analog circuit designer. He runs a data science & software consulting business The Data Scout. Sev enjoys working on fun tech projects, freshly cut grass, and soft domesticated mammals.

There's many great workshops going on at ToorCamp this year, but most have limited attendance. To reserve your spot in a workshop, make sure to register for it ahead of time! Most workshops are free but some require a fee to help cover materials so make sure to paypal your instructor with the fee to confirm your reservation. For workshops that don't sell out we'll also be processing sign-ups at the info desk at the camp, but it's highly encouraged to sign up ahead of time.

Thursday Friday Saturday
Raspberry Pi 101 2:30pm-5:30pm 1pm-4pm
Coffee Can Forge 4pm-6pm
Smartphone to Digital Microscope Construction 10am-12pm 10am-12pm
So you want to start a hackerspace? 10am-3pm
Hacking Wind: A Kite Workshop 2pm-4pm 2pm-4pm
Smart Card Development 101 1pm-4pm 1pm-4pm
WTFpga 10am-12pm 10am-12pm 10am-12pm

Raspberry Pi 101

In this workshop we will learn to use the Raspberry Pi to control real world things. We will blink LEDs, control servos, turn on and off appliances, read temperature, and just in generally explore what can be done with a Raspberry Pi to interact with the real world. No experience necessary, laptop or computer with USB port is requested to write the images for the little computer. Class fee includes: Raspberry Pi, Wifi Adaptor, Breadboard, Jumpers, LEDs, Resistors, Analog chip.

David is a Hacker, tinker, and likes to teach others cool stuff. David has made an automated Cat feeder the uses a Raspberry Pi, as well as a T-Shirt Cannon that used a Raspberry Pi.

Time 1: Fri 2:30pm-5:30pm
Time 2: Sat 1:00pm-4:00pm

Instructions | Register!

Coffee Can Forge

Make a forge capable of heating iron and steel for blacksmithing, melt aluminum and other non-ferrous metals for casting out of a coffee can and a couple of common ingredients. This forge is a great way to get into working with hot metals and could be tweaked for use in jewelry making or possibly glass work if you upgrade the torch.

Hacker, Maker, Security Specialist. I have been making and hacking on things since I can remember. I run a non-profit makerspace in Olympia, WA. I work a day job doing information security and spend my nights and weekends making things that do stuff.

Time: Sat 4:00pm-6:00pm

Online Registration Closed

Smartphone to Digital Microscope Construction

We will build an apparatus that works with most camera phones to create a highly portable, low-cost digital microscope with 175x-375x magnification. Each participant will receive a kit of materials and build the unit along with the instructor. The kit of materials is simply wood, plexiglass, hardware, and a lens and light. With the use of a smartphone the apparatus can take photo and video of specimen.

Bergen McMurray
Bergen McMurray is the co-Founder and CEO of HiveBio Community Lab, Seattle’s DIY biohacker space. In addition to her responsibilities as CEO, Bergen also teaches classes at HiveBio, including Basic Brain Dissection and Smartphone Microscope Construction. She has previously worked with Seattle Maker Faire as the Maker Outreach Coordinator as well as the Allen Institute for Brain Science on the Human Brain Atlas projects.

Time 1: Fri 10:00am-12:00pm
Time 2: Sat 10:00am-12:00pm

Online Registration Closed

So you want to start a hackerspace?

Navigating the complex choices, fundraising, and legal issues around starting a hackerspace. Interactive session with audience participation encouraged.

Martin Bogomolni
System scaling engineer, founder of ATX hackerspace, wearable computing enthusiast, engineer, and madboy.

Time: Sat 10:00am-3:00pm (with 1 hour break)

Online Registration Closed

Hacking Wind: A Kite Workshop

In this workshop you will get to harness the power of the wind in your hands. After a bit of theory you will learn to do an assisted launch of a trainer kite (a few square meters in size). After launch, using the handle bar, you’ll learn aspects of control and depowering. If you grok the basics you can give advanced maneuvers a try: kite loops, handle passing.

Attendance limited to 15 people per session.

Luke Gotszling
Co-founder/CEO of, kiteboarder, engineer.

Time 1: Thu 2:00pm-4:00pm
Time 2: Fri 2:00pm-4:00pm

Online Registration Closed

Smart Card Development 101

Learn how to write your own apps for the hottest computing environment today! Dozens of megahertz, hundreds of bytes of RAM. The glorious future of computing awaits. Participants will be provided with USB based development hardware for writing their own smart card microprocessor based applications as well as an introduction to basic terminology, concepts, and sourcing. Students should have some familiarity with programming, and Java experience is a plus. Support will be provided for Windows and Linux development platforms. Mac will be supported on a best effort basis.

Students will be guided through developing a simple PIN based encryption app. Other example projects will be available to demonstrate the range of solutions uniquely possible with secure element technology. Guidance for participants own project ideas will be provided to the best of the instructors ability.

Charles Vaughn
Charles Vaughn in a Senior Software engineer, currently working in the field of data analytics. Previous work includes developing document image analysis for Amazon’s Search Inside the Book, lead engineer on the Kindle Fire home screen, and integration engineer for GSM system support software.

In his spare time, he plays around with JCOP smart cards, embedded ARM platforms, and mentors a FIRST Robotics Championship team in programming, electrical engineering, and flashy glowing things.

Amanda Gray
Amanda Gray is a software engineer focused on security testing in a data analytics company. In a former life, she suffered through grad school for the sheer pleasure of developing and deploying autonomous underwater vehicles north of 60, and before that, she worked on integrating smart cards into a PKI solution for a very, very large company.

Time 1: Fri 1:00pm-4:00pm
Time 2: Sat 1:00pm-4:00pm

Online Registration Closed


You can probably whip up to print “Hello World” or program a micro controller to flash an LED, but have you ever tried doing either by directly defining hardware logic?

This workshop is a series of exercises that will give you a basic understanding of what FPGAs are, how they work, and how to program them in Verilog. You will flash LEDs, display salutations, use switches and buttons as input, do some type conversion, and then implement a simple calculator.

All hardware and software is provided for use during the workshop. Understanding of basic binary algebra (AND, OR, NOT) is essential background.

Joe FitzPatrick
After 8 years of debugging and pen testing desktop and server CPUs, Joe started and now teaches, researches, and consults on various hardware security topics.

Time 1: Thu 10:00am-12:00pm
Time 2: Fri 10:00am-12:00pm
Time 3: Sat 10:00am-12:00pm

Online Registration Closed