What to Expect

ToorCamp is the five day, open air, tech camping event that attracts around 600 of the top technology enthusiasts to the Washington Coast. This year’s camp is located at the Doe Bay Resort on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands in Washington State. The weather averages a low of ~50 degrees at night and a high of ~75 degrees during the day with water temperatures averaging ~53 degrees. The main campsite area is where the main talks, workshops, and other parties will be held along with all of the theme campsites, and general camping. There are also 31 cabins, 6 yurts, and 2 geodesic domes at the resort that are available for attendees to stay in.

The beautiful Doe Bay Resort is located in the San Juan Islands between mainland Washington State and Canada


In the main campsite area we have all of the main activities located in the middle of the camp and cabins throughout. There will be a few different areas designated for general camping and premium campsites available for certain individuals that would like to pay extra to camp on the side of a cliff overlooking the bay or in a secluded area away from the hustle and bustle of the camp. There are also some great yurts and domes that are available in case you still want to camp but don’t want to haul out a tent.

The main campsite area has public showers and restrooms as well as portapotties. Wired and wireless internet access is provided throughout the campsite. Wired power is limited to camps that are located close to the center of the camp so if it happens to be something your camp requires please let us know. If you aren’t part of a campsite we have a public camping area that you’re welcome to use but we encourage you to become involved with a group camp and make some friends while you’re at it!

The main campsite is where all of the action is happening


ToorCamp will feature a wide range of talks from hacking computers to brain hacking, from brewing soda to fighting robots, from civil rights to lightning guns. The only guideline we use for talk selection is that it has to be something that most geeks would be interested in learning. This means that whether you’re a hardcore coder or just someone who appreciates technology at a high-level, there will be plenty of talks to pique your interest.

Talks at the last ToorCamp were held in a giant geodesic dome called the “Prime Dome”


We try to make ToorCamp as interactive and hands-on as possible. To achieve that end we open up the event for anyone to organize a village through our Wiki. Each Village will have different projects they’re bringing out and some may host or organize Self-Organized Sessions teaching skills ranging from soldering to lockpicking, sewing to welding, blacksmithing to soda brewing. There will be plenty of activities and workshops to keep you busy between sipping mojitos and chatting over the BBQ.

Workshops at the first ToorCamp were held in the missile silo and around the camp


ToorCamp is well known for it’s parties and attracting some of the best hacker/tech DJs in the world. That being said — we will have some music this year, but because of the local noise ordinance all amplified music will stop at 9:45pm, and any other performances will be in the Yoga Studio and stop at 2am. If you’re a DJ or band and are interested in playing at ToorCamp, please email h1kari@toorcon.org.

The Minibosses performing in the Prime Dome at ToorCamp 2012


The beach is just a few steps away from both camping areas and definitely doesn’t disappoint. It’s one of the most beautiful areas of Washington with views of islands as far as you can see. There’s space to dock boats in the bay for those arriving by boat and seals and otters can often be found in the waters around the resort. The resort also features a soaking tub and sauna that’ll be available for use throughout the event if you’re looking for something a little warmer.

Doe Bay is one of the most popular resorts in the San Juan Islands


Doe Bay has a wide range of cabins with various numbers of beds, bathrooms, heating, etc. To view a full list of their accommodations we recommend that you visit their website. We will be providing a discount code to ToorCamp attendees that can be used to book available cabins and premium camping spaces at Doe Bay during the event. If you have any questions about cabins, please direct them to Doe Bay.

NOTE: Cabins for this year are already sold out.

Cabins at the resort are available to rent for the duration of ToorCamp

RVs & Parking

To help ensure that parking at the event goes smoothly, and based on the number of requests for RV spots at the event, we’ve decided to offer a lottery for on-site RV and car parking. Be aware that, if you park on-site this year, you will not be allowed to move your vehicle until the last day of the event. If there is an emergency where you absolutely must move your vehicle, you will not be allowed to park back on-site after your vehicle has moved.

As with previous events, we will have off-site parking available down the street with a temporary gear drop-off area on-site and shuttle service between the off-site lot and the event. Those with RVs or other campers that don’t get on-site spots will be able to camp off-site.

Please also be aware that there will be NO RV facilities available at Doe Bay or off-site for dumping, water, or power. We will be allowing limited use of running generators (during specific hours), but you will be responsible for filling and dumping elsewhere, such as at the Moran State Park down the road, before and/or after the event.

NOTE: We’ll be publishing a form in the next few weeks to apply for our lottery to receive an on-site parking or RV spot.


ToorCamp 2022 is located on Orcas Island and is within a 25 minute drive of the town of Eastsound that features many upscale restaurants, shops, farmers markets, gas stations, general stores, a movie theater, and other accommodations. The closest big-box stores are in Anacortes before the ferry so make sure to do your major shopping before coming to town but most smaller items can be found in town in case you forget anything. Also, please be respectful of all posted signs and local laws. More detailed information on what to expect and bring can be found at http://wiki.toorcamp.org.

The town of Eastsound is a 20 minute drive from ToorCamp in case you need to pick up any last minute supplies