We’ve recently accepted a number of talks and workshops for ToorCamp 2018. The next CFP submission deadline is April 27th. The preliminary schedule will be published shortly after in early May.

Nanofabrication at home: HOWTO build an atomically sharp tungsten electron emitter
Rob Flickenger

Demystifying statically linked ELF security mitigations– with binary instrumentation techniques

gr-iridium: Under the hood – Demodulating 1000 frames/s from space

Let Them Eat Crème Brûlée!
Taylor Streetman & Jacob Graves

Social Engineering Tech Education: Tricking your friends and family into becoming hackers
Tyler Menezes

Using Publically Available Data to Find Bad and Do Good.

The currency of thought

Free Pizza For Life!: Social engineering tricks and scams

Project Ladon (fka Hackerboat) Sail On
Pierce Nichols


Mini CodeDay (Kids Workshop)
Tyler Menezes

Your Mom’s New Hotness: Threat Intelligence: The Three Laws of Vanilla Ice Threat Intelligence Thermodynamics
Katie Kusjanovic

Solar Cell workshop

Hardware REverse Psychology: How to think like a designer when reverse engineering hardware
Jeremy Hong

Getting to Blinky: Learn to design your own digital firefly
Chris Gammell