Can you think of a better way to spend a summer night than kicking back on a hammock, grilling up something on the BBQ, and hanging out with good friends? Whether you just want to kick back on the beach, learn to meditate, stay up all night writing code, or dancing the night away, we guarantee you’ll have a great time.


Titanium Chef Contest

There will be a bunch of fun contests at the camp. The first one we’re releasing information on is Titanium Chef! Similar to the popular Iron Chef TV Show, Titanium Chef is a cooking contest for hackers where contestants are given a special ingredient and they have a limited amount of time to cook the best meal that they can.

Mini CodeDay Hackathon

Pitch ideas, form teams, and build a cool game or app of your own design! No experience necessary! (Targeted to younger Toorcon attendees, but anyone is welcome to attend.)

CodeDay is an event where people of all skill levels get together to build creative and fun games and apps. Attendees of all skill levels are welcome: we just ask that experienced attendees choose an ambitious project for their skill level. Projects are judged on creativity and personal difficulty, although there are no prizes.

This is a great event for younger ToorCamp attendees, although attendees should be at least 6 or 7. Laptop required. An intro-level side-workshop will be provided after kickoff for newer coders.

ToorCamp Stupid Hackathon

You are cordially invited to the second biennial ToorCamp Stupid Hackathon. The Stupid Hackathon presents an opportunity to create the most useless, dangerous and/or variously unwise things you can imagine.

Join us for team formation and registration, Find us Friday evening at Prime Dome to register and find group-mates; preformed groups are also welcomed.

Tin Foil Hat Contest

What with aliens and the NSA, a hacker can’t always tell who’s listening (or who’s transmitting…). Show us your skills by building a tin foil hat to shield your subversive thoughts. There are 2 categories: stock and unlimited. The hat in each category that causes the most signal attenuation will receive the “Substance” award for that category. We all know that hacker culture is all about looking good, though, so a single winner will be selected from each category for “Style”. Finally, a single overall winner will be selected from all combined categories for “Style and Substance”.

Capture the Flag!

Richard Johnson has put together a CTF contest for this year to test your leet hax0ring skills! More details will be posted shortly. Check out info at the Beerocracy page or bug them at their camp to get all the deetz!



Pride Parade!

Meet us at Ada’s on Friday the 22nd at 1pm for the first Toorcamp Pride Parade. We will meander through camp spreading love and beerocratic forms, ending at Beerocracy HQ for a rousing debrief. We will provide the flags, forms, and tunes, you bring your rainbow self.

Thursday Night Party

We’re kicking off Thursday night with a chill party at Music & Events that’ll go until midnight. We have Spiegel MC, DJ Origami, and DJ Joey Lawrence providing entertainment throughout the night starting at 9pm. Hope to see you all there!

Friday Night Party

This year because of sound curfew on the island (and because, face it, we’re all getting old) we’ll be scaling back our Friday night party to end at midnight and a limiting the dance music to Doe Bay’s Yoga Studio. Thanks to TeraHash we have an amazing lineup of Jerobeam Fenderson showing his audio/visual Oscilloscope Music live performance, DJ Origami, and Zach Archer putting on a show that starts at 9pm. Also, don’t forget to catch Jerobeam Fenderson’s talk, workshop, and show at the Laser Dome back in Seattle on June 27th!

Saturday Night Party

Ahh, the last night of the camp. We have DJ Keith Myers, Ninjula, FuzzyNop, James Ford, and possibly some special guests to rock the dance floor. Make sure to thank Amazon AWS Information Security for making this party possible!


Around Camp!


ShadyTel is back this year! They’ll again be providing their (sub)standard level of telephone service to whoever stumbles across some twisted pair running through the woods or is able to bribe a technician to run a line to their tent. Make sure to bring your best landline telephones, acoustic couplers, modems, BBS software, lineman’s handsets, vampire clips, captain crunch whistles, and other equipment that’s probably been gathering dust in your parent’s attic. Unfortunately, there will be no GSM service provided this year so no need to bring your unlocked phones.

Ada’s Internet Cafe

Ada’s Technical Books & Cafe are back in the Treehouse again this year, but this time themed as a mid-90’s internet cafe. Come check out the Ada’s Internet Cafe and dial into the World Wide Web at blazing 56k speeds. They’ll also have modems that you can check-out in so you can BYOPC to dial into the various dial-in services throughout the camp!


Here a crat, there a crat, everywhere a Beerocrat. Ready to embrace the beerocracy and visit our camp; a Tourist Visa you must earn! Spy one of us yellow-tied, business forward Beerocrat members in good standing and ask us for a form. Dot your i’s and cross your t’s in the proper beerocratic fashion to earn your stamps of approval and the honorary Beerocrat Badge.

Bring your friends to our special events, play our games, and collect limited edition swag – but earn the right permits to grant yourself access. Drinks and laughs for all ages available; permits (or bribes) are mandatory.

Tikitech Lounge

Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 8pm until the lights are turned off, come enjoy the Tikitech social lounge. Tikitech lounge is a comfortable space to socialize and unwind after the activities of the day. The bar will have an array of tiki cocktails and virgin mocktails. Rum aficionados should bring their favorite bottle to share.

Additional info on daily events will be posted at the entrance board.


A Milliways tradition! The restaurant at the end of the universe is bringing together whiskey lovers to share their latest faves. Stop by with a bottle and taste what others have brought! Happening at the Milliways camp on Friday and Saturday night.

Mobile Internet of Buckets, 2018 Edition

We’ve updated this Toorcamp 2016 favorite by improving the firmware, ease of use, multi-charging capability and, while we were at it, increased battery life by 200%! Head to the bomb truck to check out an IoB for your camp, connect to your (or your neighbor’s) AP and light up the night. Head back to the bomb truck to swap out your dead battery for a fresh one some time before the following sunset.

Hex Keys

Head over to the Bomb Truck to see these little hexagons, red vs. blue hacking, audio and visual feedback…. via 100s of LEDs with accelerometers and resistive elements measuring your touch and speakers confirming your keypresses. It’s the technology of a cell phone expanded into a strangely familiar form factor for shared participation.

​Hex Keys is the tried and true serial communication we’re using and moves away from the wireless hardware in previous projects. This means increased user experience and excitement at the expense of the sexy tech of web apps as demonstrated “Internet of Buckets” and similar web/wireless tech.

Woodgas Generator Demonstration Project

In ToorCamp 2016 we built a simple woodgas generator out of two garbage cans and successfully ran a 1500watt gas generator off of it. This year we’re going to continue to tinker with it and see if we can do stuff like burn uncut 2×4’s as fuel. This will be setup on the volleyball court and demonstrations will happen in the mornings.

Bomb Truck

Come by to check out ROT503’s one of a kind decommissioned City of Portland Explosives Disposal Unit, say hi, learn a bit about locksport, and top up your phone’s charge while you’re here.

Sous Vide Egg Cup Breakfasts

While the Psycoholics Cooking Team may or may not participate again in the Titanium Chef Challenge this year, you can be assured that the sous vide setup is going to make a return. And with that, there will be scads of mini savory egg custard cups, which were first described here in this hacker con talk.

L33tSpeakEasy Service

From the hours of 1800 to 2100 each evening, the central square of the Psycoholics camp will convert to a speakeasy bar. Off-license cocktails will be the order of business, for anyone who meets the three criteria of entry: Dress Code, Password, Geek Trivia Challenge.

ANSI Drink and Draw

Like to draw? Like to drink? Come draw pixelart with other creatives! We’ll be doing a quick overview of how PabloDraw works. You can even make ascii and send it to our ascii printer. Didn’t bring your laptop? We’ll also have paper for you to draw on. Friday 9:00-10:00