Can you think of a better way to spend a summer night than kicking back on a hammock, grilling up something on the BBQ, and hanging out with good friends? Whether you just want to kick back on the beach, learn to meditate, stay up all night writing code, or dancing the night away, we guarantee you’ll have a great time.

Titanium Chef Contest

There will be a bunch of fun contests at the camp. The first one we’re releasing information on is Titanium Chef! Similar to the popular Iron Chef TV Show, Titanium Chef is a cooking contest for hackers where contestants are given a special ingredient and they have a limited amount of time to cook the best meal that they can.

Ada’s Lounge Party

Ease into the conference and meet new people at the Ada’s Lounge Party. We’ll be playing chill lounge music and hammocks will be setup around the Ada’s lounge (Sponsored by Ada’s Technical Books).

Friday Night Party

This year because of sound curfew on the island (and because, face it, we’re all getting old) we’ll be scaling back our Friday and Saturday night parties to chill music and a limiting the dance music to Doe Bay’s Yoga Studio. Kickback in a hammock and code. Learn something new from a late night hacking session workshop. Hang out with friends around the campfire.

Saturday Night Party

Ahh, the last night of the camp. Take this last opportunity to Play Rock Band with hacker rockstars (yes, we mean you Dan Kaminsky & Michael Ossmann). Kick back and enjoy the sunset. Talk code with friends until the sun comes up.