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ToorCamp 2016 Registration is now open

ToorCamp 2016 Registration is now open. Registration is broken up into 3 Rounds and the leet friends of ToorCamp. All rounds give you full access to the camp, a tshirt, and a grab bag of goodies. Each round is limited to 130 tickets. Why 3 Rounds? Running this event is expensive but we know not everyone can afford full admission. The cheaper tickets are there for those who are having a tough time but want to participate and the more expensive tickets are there to help support people who are having a tough time :).

For those who aren’t having a tough time, want to support the camp, and or have their company paying for their ticket, please register for the leet friends of ToorCamp and help make this event better. There are only 10 of these leet tickets.

Camp is on an island this year and we only can have 400 attendees due to space limitations. We are still working on group camp layout and cabin registration. That information will be posted late January.

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A Success!

Lots of fun was had, but alas, ToorCamp is now over. Thanks so much for coming out and bringing all of the awesomeness! It’s still hard to think about all of the great memories that were made and we’re extremely grateful for the top notch speakers, inventors, campsite organizers, and attendees that made it out. We couldn’t have put this together without all of your support!

If you have any pictures or videos of the camp, please post them on the ToorCamp google group forum. There’s also some great GoPro videos that Dragos posted of flying over the camp and of the Titanium Chef competition. Also be sure to check out the videos coming out from Hak5 like this one.

ToorCamp This Week!

It’s just a few days until ToorCamp and setup is just about to begin! If you have just decided you want to come out last minute, no worries, we’ll have registration up for a little longer and you can always register on-site for $300. Otherwise, here’s a few things to remember about coming out to ToorCamp!

The drive from Seattle takes around 4 hours. If you plan on taking a ferry, make sure to check the wait times as during rush our they can get backed up and it may be faster to drive around the sound.
Although Marijuana is legal in Washington State, it is not on Makah Tribal Land where ToorCamp is being held. The Makah law also prohibits alcohol and illegal drugs as well. Please also make sure to obey all posted speed limits when you’re on the reservation as the roads are patrolled frequently and the locals would appreciate it.
So far the weather forecast looks great, extremely low chance of rain and high of ~65, low of ~53 and winds up to 14 MPH. Weather can be unpredictable there though so pack for the unexpected.
Make sure to bring a LAND LINE TELEPHONE and an UNLOCKED GSM PHONE so you can use the awesome network that the ShadyTel crew is putting together for us.
Ada’s Technical Books & Cafe will be operating a pop-up shop/cafe at the camp with espresso and snacks and there’s restaurants within a 5 minute drive into town so remember to bring some cash.
If you’re participating in any of the Contests or Workshops double check if there’s any equipment you need to bring.

That’s all for now! We’re really looking forward to seeing all of you and all of the awesome projects and ideas you’re bringing out to share. See you in a few days!

Contest Sign-Ups Open!

We’ve got some great contests running at ToorCamp this year. Titanium Chef returns, matching the wits of hacker chefs against each other and is sure to create some amazing results. Also, new to ToorCamp, we have MashQuatch, a mash-up competition that will span July 9th-11th. Sign-up today and help make ToorCamp history!

Workshop Registration Open

There’s many great workshops going on at ToorCamp this year, but most have limited attendance. To reserve your spot in a workshop, make sure to register for it ahead of time! Most workshops are free but some require a fee to help cover materials so make sure to paypal your instructor with the fee to confirm your reservation. For workshops that don’t sell out we’ll also be processing sign-ups at the info desk at the camp, but it’s highly encouraged to sign up ahead of time.

Register for a Workshop!

ToorCamp One Month Away!

In case you haven’t made up your mind on whether or not to come to ToorCamp, we want to help you make your decision. Here’s some articles about the last event to check out!


“Welcome to ToorCamp, a five-day retreat where some of America’s most elite hackers, technologists and DIY deviants escape civilization in order to rebuild it from scratch, leapfrogging the pedestrian present directly into a postapocalyptic science fiction future.”


“filled with a sense of disbelief that it’s over, a giddy excitement as I scheme ways to apply what I’ve learned, and the definite intention to be first ticket holder on the list for next year’s ToorCamp event.”


“This is the second time Toorcamp has been run, and it’s clear that both the organizers and attendees know how to throw an awesome stateside hacker camp.”


“The ToorCon crew is dedicated to throwing some of the most unique and extreme hacker / computer security conferences in the world.”


“Unlike some other conferences there were no VIP parties, or
overpriced workshops, no elitism, pretentiousness or artifice,
everyone was equal, respectful and humble.”

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 9.13.14 PMHak5

“an epic Hacker Camp hosting the most some of the nations most creative hackers, makers, movers and shakers”

Pre-Register Now!

There’s only 3 weeks left to register so start making your plans and pre-register, apply to run a campsite, or submit a talk today before it’s too late!