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ToorCamp 2018 Registration

Woot! We just finished the contract with Doe Bay and will be back there for ToorCamp 2018. We’re keeping the format similar to last time. General admission includes camping in the designated fields. Cabins, yurts, domes, or premium campsites are an additional fee. We will be releasing a booking code for those reservations through Doe Bay later in 2017. Hope to see you there!

ToorCamp 2016 Registration is now open

ToorCamp 2016 Registration is now open. Registration is broken up into 3 Rounds and the leet friends of ToorCamp. All rounds give you full access to the camp, a tshirt, and a grab bag of goodies. Each round is limited to 130 tickets. Why 3 Rounds? Running this event is expensive but we know not everyone can afford full admission. The cheaper tickets are there for those who are having a tough time but want to participate and the more expensive tickets are there to help support people who are having a tough time :).

For those who aren’t having a tough time, want to support the camp, and or have their company paying for their ticket, please register for the leet friends of ToorCamp and help make this event better. There are only 10 of these leet tickets.

Camp is on an island this year and we only can have 400 attendees due to space limitations. We are still working on group camp layout and cabin registration. That information will be posted late January.

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