What to Expect

ToorCamp is the five day, open air, tech camping event that attracts around 1,000 of the top technology enthusiasts to the Washington Coast. The camp is located on the west coast of the northern Olympic Peninsula at the Hobuck Beach Resort on the Makah Native American Reservation near Neah Bay, WA. The weather averages a low of ~50 degrees at night and a high of ~75 degrees during the day with water temperatures averaging ~53 degrees. The camp is split into two main areas. The main campsite area is where the main talks, workshops, and other parties will be held along with all of the theme campsites, general camping, and 10 hospitality cabins. About 1/4 mile down the beach is the “quiet” area which consists of another 16 cabins and full RV hookups.

The beautiful Hobuck Beach Resort is located on the northwestern coast of the Olympic Peninsula


In the main campsite area we have all of the main activities located in the middle of the camp with roads extending south and bordered on each side by villages. Near the entrance from the road there are designated parking areas to reduce traffic through the campsites. If you are organizing a campsite it’s up to you if you want to park a vehicle on your site as long as you keep everything within your allotted plot of land. The main camping area is grassy, fairly flat and is separated from the beach by a line of hammock-filled pine trees and a small sand bank.

The main campsite area has public showers and restrooms as well as portapotties. Wired and wireless internet access is provided throughout the campsite. Wired power is limited to camps that are located close to the center of the camp so if it happens to be something your camp requires please let us know. If you aren’t part of a campsite we have a public camping area that you’re welcome to use but we encourage you to become involved with a group camp and make some friends while you’re at it!

The main campsite is where all of the action is happening


The quiet area is specifically setup for people who want to be able to get a good night’s sleep and for anyone that has an RV that they want to bring out. Keep in mind that families may be trying to sleep in this area so no loud activities are allowed after 10pm. It’s alright to use these cabins for public events but just be conscious of people trying to get sleep.

The quiet camping area is mostly cabins and RV parking and no loud noise is allowed after 10pm


ToorCamp will feature a wide range of talks from hacking computers to brain hacking, from brewing soda to fighting robots, from civil rights to lightning guns. The only guideline we use for talk selection is that it has to be something that most geeks would be interested in learning. This means that whether you’re a hardcore coder or just someone who appreciates technology at a high-level, there will be plenty of talks to pique your interest.

Talks at the last ToorCamp were held in a giant geodesic dome called the “Prime Dome”


We try to make ToorCamp as interactive and hands-on as possible. To achieve that end we’re setting up 4 different villages, the Hardware Hacking village organized by HardHack, The Lockpicking Village organized by The Open Organization of Lockpickers (TOOOL), The Crafting Village, and The Maker Village. Each will have tools setup for people to jump in and hack on things and will feature workshops throughout the event teaching skills ranging from soldering to lockpicking, sewing to welding, blacksmithing to soda brewing. There will be plenty of activities and workshops to keep you busy between sipping mojitos and chatting over the BBQ.

Workshops at the last ToorCamp were held in the missile silo and around the camp


ToorCamp is well known for it’s parties and attracting some of the best hacker/tech DJs in the world. In addition to the usual lineup, many local bands will be playing on the main stage. Numerous other parties are typically organized by the campsites as well so there’s always something going on throughout the night. Parties are allowed to go late into the night and will be centered around the Prime Dome so if your camp values a quiet night’s sleep, make sure to let us know to put you away from the late-night activities. If you’re a DJ or band and are interested in playing at ToorCamp, please email h1kari@toorcon.org.

DJs and bands playing on top of the missile silo bay doors at the last ToorCamp


The beach is just a few steps away from both camping areas and definitely doesn’t disappoint. It’s one of the most popular places for surfing in Washington and is usually packed in the middle of the summer. One thing to note is that the beach is extremely flat and the difference between high and low tide is at least a few hundred feet. At high tide the water can sometimes make it all the way to the sand bank. Keep this in mind if you decide to throw a beach party or think it’s a good idea to camp on the beach one night.

Hobuck Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the Washington Coast


All of the cabins have one bedroom and a fold-out couch in the living room and some also feature an additional twin bunk bed. They also have a full kitchen with a sink, refrigerator, stove, & microwave as well as a bathroom with a full shower & sink with running hot/cold water. Most also have a TV with a decent selection of satellite channels. For specific info on the cabins and availability, please email cabins@toorcon.org.

Cabins at the beach resort are available to rent for the duration of ToorCamp


ToorCamp is located within a few miles of the town of Neah Bay, WA which has a gas station, general market, a few restaurants, and a few small motels. They also have a marina with inexpensive docking fees in case you want to bring out your boat. The closest big-box stores are in Port Angeles so make sure to do your major shopping before coming to town but most smaller items can be found in town in case you forget anything. Also, please be respectful of all posted signs and local laws. The local police are often on patrol and the town is small so there’s a good chance you’ll get caught if you try anything. More detailed information on what to expect and bring can be found athttp://wiki.toorcamp.org.

Neah Bay is within a few miles of ToorCamp in case you need to pick up any last minute supplies