We’re proud to announce our first round of accepted talks for ToorCamp 2016. We’ll be posting additional information and scheduling in the next couple weeks. 

NOTE: The CFP is still open! Make sure to submit your ideas before April 29th.


Green Thumbs and Black Terminals: Personal Agriculture For Geeks
Pavel Kirkovsky

Exploiting The North American Railways
Jon Sonesen / Little John

Activate Engineer Powers! Creating a Real-Life Creaturepod
Joe Grand

Reverse Engineering and Attacking .NET Applications
Topher Timzen / @TTimzen

Fundamentals of Ruggedized Semi-Electromechanical Crossbar Emulation Switching
FalconK, Shadytel

Maya’s Veil: Advances in Linux binary protection and anti-exploitation technology

Secret Caching in the Linux Kernel: key resolution

Packet Spoofing as a service

The Good the Bad and the Ugly: AWS Account Takeover via IAM Instance Roles
Ian Allison/evade

C Parallel Language Extensions
Robert C Seacord

Go Speed Go: Trace Guided Fuzzing
Richard Johnson

Fun With Quantum Steering
Dave D’Rave

The return of the revenge of Hackerboat
Pierce Nichols

Capture the Flag: An Owner’s Manual
vito genovese

Resurrecting a vintage scanning electron microscope
Rob Flickenger

RatNet – Flood-Routing Middleware for Covert Channels
Ben Kurtz

Vulnerability Scanning Performance
Jens “ryd” Muecke


Intro to Firemaking
Ian Allison/evade

Hands-on JTAG for Fun and Root Shells
Joe FitzPatrick

Rocking the World of Open Source Webapps with

Spy Game: Red Teaming in the Real World
Kizz MyAnthia

PCB Prototyping – Silver, Inkjet, Surface Mount Circuits
Martin Bogomolni

Making Electrons Flow: Conductive Ink Circuit Hacking
Martin Bogomolni