ToorCamp is coming so get your code finished and submit a talk this time around.  Talks can range from hacking and breaking new technologies to orienteering, philosophy, cooking, politics, etc. We will consider any talk that you think would be interesting for an intelligent audience of geeks like you. We’re letting you decide if you want to be a part of our 20-minute talks on Thursday, 50-minute talks on Funday and Saturday, and 5-minute lightning talks on Friday. We evaluate our submissions in the order that they’re received so submit your talk before time runs out!


Please no vendor pitches or talks on old subjects. We try to keep ToorCamp current so please only submit talks on original research that isn’t more than 12 months old. Talks that are submitted for a 50-minute or 75-minute slot may be asked to be reduced to 20-minutes if space on the lineup is limited. You must notify ToorCamp if you are in any way unable to make it to your talk after being accepted. For questions about speaking, please contact h1kari.

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