ToorCamp, the American hacker camp, first “launched” at the Titan-1 Missile Silo in Washington State in 2009. The second ToorCamp happened in 2012 on the beautiful Washington Coast. This year we’re continuing the tradition and are looking for groups to participate. Show off your crazy projects you’ve been working on, bring some ideas you want to hack on with the other technology experts that will be showing up, organize a campsite with all of your friends and show how awesome your group is, or just see what all the other groups are up to. It’s up to you! Either way, we’d like to show that the US can throw down as much as the European hacker camps (CCC Camp, HAR, etc) so this is your invitation to come!


ToorCamp is going to be held at the Hobuck Beach Resort in Neah Bay, WA on July 9th-13th, 2014. It’s located at the most northwestern point of the contiguous US and is part of the Makah Native American Reservation located on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. The Olympic Peninsula is home to one of the few protected temperate rain forests in the northern hemisphere and is well known for being the location of where the popular Twilight books are based. The Hobuck Beach Resort features 26 cabins, an RV Park, and large beach-side camping area.

Hobuck Beach Resort
2726 Makah Psge
Neah Bay, WA 98357
July 9th-13th, 2014


Want more info on what to expect at the camp? We put together some info on the location, layout of the camp, and all of the talks, workshops, parties, and other activities that you’ll find at the camp to give you an idea of what it’ll be like. More detailed info on rules and regulations, check out our Campsites info page on the wiki or for our Frequently Asked Questions.


Want to stake your claim? Organize a campsite! Hackerspaces and groups can request sectioned off parts of the camp to build their own structures, show off their projects, host parties and events, and whatever they feel like doing to contribute to ToorCamp. Help make the camp awesome by getting your friends together and planning a campsite! There’s tons of information about camping on the ToorCamp Wiki. To sign up for organizing a campsite, please fill out our Campsite Sign-up Form.



Want a roof? We have a limited number of cabins available for ToorCamp that we can provide to sponsors, campsites, and attendees. If you are interested in a cabin, please send us an email with a brief explanation of your plans for the cabin so we can place you in the one that’s most suitable to your needs. Cabins start at $3000 and come with 6 admission tickets. Check-in is Noon on Wednesday, July 9th and check-out is Noon on Sunday, July 13th.



Neah Bay, WA is a 4 hour drive from Seattle, WA. If you are travelling from out of town we recommend flying into SEA (Seattle-Tacoma International Airport) or YYJ (Victoria International Airport) and carpooling with friends to the camp. People will be posting ride-sharing requests to the ToorCamp Google Group. There is also the possibility that an outside company will be offering bus rides from SEA to ToorCamp which will be announced once it’s finalized.



ToorCamp is a unique opportunity to get your company’s message out in front of InfoSec decisions makers. In addition to options for banner placement, ads, and party sponsorships, we are also offering Hospitality Cabins in the Activity Camp. These are open for whatever event or activity your company wants to run… whether it be all-night hacking, contests, interviews, or parties… It’s your cabin to entertain the attendees in! For more information on sponsorship please contact sponsor@toorcon.org.


As an effort to get the local tech-inspired artist community involved with ToorCamp, we are offering a program where you can apply for a grant to fund building your art project and/or transporting your existing art project to the camp. Need some gas money for bringing out your flamethrowers? Want to bring out your singing tesla coils from the midwest but need some money for shipping? Want to build a giant glowing ToorCamp logo out of EL Wire and need some funds for materials? We’re here to help! For more information on getting an art grant please contact artgrants@toorcon.org.


Help promote the camp by printing out flyers, posters, stickers, and advertising on your website! Tell everyone, and tell them to bring their friends! If you happen to run a hackerspace, shoot us an email at promotions@toorcon.org and we’ll send you a free Hackerspace Emergency S’more Kit with all of the parts to make s’mores as well as a plethora of ToorCamp promotional gear to decorate your hackerspace with!